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In many offices, usually, the network is limited to intranet access only, meaning instant messaging software like Yahoo! Messenger or Google Talk won’t work. The staff get to talk with their co-workers using internal messaging like IPmsg (above) or Microsoft’s Windows Messenger (depending on setup).  With the entry of Zimbra as the Bank’s e-mail platform, there’s an added bonus: Instant messaging is made available and can be configured to be used with Pidgin, the open source instant messaging client.

I’m not sure how this is going to impact on our existing messaging (which is IPmsg), but I’m seeing this as another way to communicate in a more advanced way — IPmsg is just too simple and limited to make contact with another person on another department (ergo, on another network so we can’t see each other via IPmsg anyway). It’s promising, based from what I’ve experimented on.

How to configure it? After installing the relatively-no-frills Pidgin, just create an account. XMPP is the protocol to use (since this isn’t a YM or Gtalk account).

Select XMPP protocol.

On the Basic tab, specify your username, domain (aub.com.ph), resource (just some text like Home), your password, and your local alias.

On the Advanced tab, the Connect server should be

Then connect.

To be able to add buddies, just specify the userID and include @aub.com.ph — if the user is online, s/he’d be able to add you.

That’s it. Quite simple.

Reference: Pidgin and Zimbra