The “Strong Republic Series” was the last set of magnetic tickets that bore the face of a Philippine president. This “Biyahe Mo, Sigurado” Series is the first of many succeeding sets for the MRT 3 that have been designed in a generic way so that no politician’s face is shown on the cards. This series is the fourth in line for all the train ticket designs for the Metrostar Express.

Reliable Trips with the Blue Line

The MRT 3 that we know today is a struggling rail line that caters to the needs of commuters plying EDSA. This hasn’t always been the case. In the 2000s, line breakdowns don’t occur that often, and train speeds were still pretty decent. You can ride the train end-to-end from Taft Avenue station to North Avenue station in just about 30 minutes!

The ticket’s theme “Biyahe Mo, Sigurado” aptly describes this era. Your trip aboard the Blue Line is guaranteed to be fast, comfortable, and trouble-free.

Ticket Design

There are three tickets in this series. One is a single journey ticket (SJT) and two are for the stored value ticket (SVT) variant.

The SJT and one of the SVTs feature a similar design. The only difference being that the single journey variant is dominantly blue while the stored value is dominantly red. It features the series slogan (“Biyahe Mo, Sigurado”) on the upper left with a light rail vehicle (LRV) running past buses along EDSA.

The ticket’s background likewise features the arch of the Guadalupe portion of the train line over the Pasig River bridge. On the upper right is the logo of the Metrostar Express branding. The lower right corner shows the type of the ticket as well as the official website of the system,

Blue MRT 3 single journey ticket with text "Byahe Mo Sigurado"
Red MRT 3 stored value ticket with text "Byahe Mo Sigurado"

The card shows a dominantly-green color for the remaining SVT. This one shows train commuters entering and exiting the trains at some elevated station platform. (It seems to be like Araneta Center – Cubao‘s station platform, but I’m not sure. Is anyone familiar?)

Green MRT 3 stored value ticket with text "Byahe Mo Sigurado"