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Sometimes a certain webpage does not display itself correctly. You might need to do a clean-up of the web browser that you are using.

For Microsoft® Internet Explorer (verion 6.x) users, follow the steps below:

1. Open your IE, click on Tools > Internet Options…

2. In Temporary Internet Files, click the Delete Cookies… button.

3. Click on OK to remove any cookies.


4. From the figure in #2, click on Delete Files… and then also check Delete all offline content before clicking on OK.


5. Close your IE browser and then relogin.



For users of the Mozilla Firefox web browser (v. 2.0 or higher), just press Ctrl-Shift-Delete and check the following below. After that just click on the Clear Private Data Now button.

Addendum: For the newly-released Windows™ Internet Explorer version 8 users, the Delete Files option from #2 has been modified to easily manage deletion of files like that in Firefox.  Just check the ones indicated in the picture and then click on Delete.

Kindly wait afterwards because Windows might take a while deleting temporary Internet files.

After this, just restart the browser and relogin.

Hope this helps for those encountering system problems.