It’s already three months into 2019 but I guess a challenge is never too late to be started!

I tried taking on a personal “3K Challenge” last year — three thousand kilometers of bike commutes, not counting all the other loooong rides I had for 2018. And I did complete it, well above the 3,000 Km mark!!

Now all of us are obsessed with data and statistics. I started wondering what 3,000 Km entails. In terms of the food that I ate, the calories that I burned, the money that I saved, and the mileage that I covered — where does all that take me?

Thankfully also, there’s Endomondo to help me track specifically the mileage I got from all that bike commuting!

3K Challenge Infographic
The 3K Challenge. Feel free to download (and print) this infographic and share to your friends!

What about you? Can you dare yourself to do your own “3K Challenge” within the streets of Manila? You may have many reasons to do so, but can you do it? Good luck! 😉