…on trial version. Thank God my boss allowed me to test drive this.

Previously I was using Avira’s AntiVir on my workstation. It wasn’t bad actually; but because my boss offered a trial version of Kaspersky for me to try out, I had to uninstall the former, obviously. Prior to AntiVir I was using the dreaded and useless eScan (a review here).

Only last week did I learn that Kaspersky and eScan share the same engine in detecting viruses. So far though, despite that similarity that an officemate indicated, I’ve noticed that the two are far different from each other. For starters, KA 6.0 isn’t very bulky. In fact it’s quite comparable to AntiVir, although I just hope its antivirus capabilities can equal that of AntiVir’s.

Speaking of capability, I had to scan one of the drives in our office. It didn’t have any antivirus at all (originally had eScan by default, of course, but because it’s a server PC in Dev we were forced to remove it because its performance is deplorable) and eventually, we learned that it can’t install any new antivirus either. Worse, Task Manager is disabled for no reason. Sigh.

Thankfully we were able to remove 1,184 virii with AntiVir (can eScan match that, at all?). By tomorrow I’ll be installing Kaspersky for more tests. Anyway Kaspersky’s beginning to grow on me. 🙂

Btw, fyi: http://www.avira.com/en/threats/section/fulldetails/id_vir/1588/worm_killav.gr.html