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Hello! I am Ronx Ronquillo. Avid bike commuter and AEM full stack developer.

My work as a programmer generally revolves around Java and Web technologies. I have experienced working in IT-related aspects in the financial sector and more recently, in the manufacturing sector.

Non-work aspects for me include volunteer efforts as a Mozilla localizer for Firefox and its related products. I take pride being part of Mozilla Philippines in its team of Pinoy localizers. We have recently been able to release Firefox in Tagalog. 🙂 Lastly, I also like to talk about and extend tips on financial apps that help in saving up and gain more knowledge about it.

When out and about (and not “leashed” to my electronic devices), I explore the metropolis on my trusty folding bike. The mountains also grant me some respite whenever time allows it.

I have been biking to work since 2009, initially out of necessity from typhoon Ondoy. I bike because of several reasons: One is out of principle – its environmental benefit is undeniable, and it is my own little way of helping the environment with our issues on climate change. Another is out of practicality – Manila traffic has gotten so bad that the only decent way for me to get around is [mostly] by bike. Until the much-needed and currently-underway mass transit infrastructure are completed, I will ride my bike, also as a silent protest against the fumes that we inhale.

I embarked on blogging as a form of therapy. I dabble with coding as part of my career, so I’m in front of a computer for most of the day. I write on my blog to help me improve my English and Filipino skills and express my creativity (the “non-IT way”). I always hope that every article I publish will be of help to others, especially Filipinos, and to bring them peace of mind in whatever concerns that may have brought them to my site.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions! You may connect with me via my Facebook Page and Twitter account.

Maraming salamat po (thank you so much) for visiting The Ronx Idea! 😁

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