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Mozilla released Firefox version 71 today, 3rd of December — which means one thing: Firefox Tagalog is now available to the public!!!

Version 71 is fresh-from-the-oven today, so the update is slowly making its way onto existing Firefox installations worldwide. If you can’t wait for your Firefox to update, you may head over to the Firefox website to get this new version.

The new version has a couple of new features (like say, some improvements to Lockwise, Firefox’ password manager, as well as picture-in-picture mode). For Pinoy Mozillian localizers however, this version is the culminating event for the ten-year journey towards a proudly Filipino-localized version of the Firefox browser. We reached 100% completion of Firefox Tagalog translation a couple of months back, and after a few more months of quality checks, we reach primetime!

How to switch to Tagalog

After getting and installing Firefox v71, head over to Options from the hamburger menu. Under the section Language and Appearance, look for the language dropdown (in my case it says English (United States)), click on it and click on Search for more languages…

Language Options screenshot

A dialog shows up. Aside from the default language, this is the dialog where you can choose to add other languages. Click on the dropdown that says Select a language to add…

Firefox Language Settings screenshot

A list appears. Find and select the Tagalog language and then click Add. Then click OK.

You’ll see something similar to below where there are two buttons stating similar instructions, one in English, and the other in Tagalog! You may click either of the two to restart your Firefox and effect the switch to the new language!

Apply and Restart screenshot

After restarting, it might seem nothing happened. Now try opening the menu and try to find Help.

It’s now “Tulong” (Help in Tagalog). You can go further — open up “Tungkol sa Firefox” (“About Firefox”):

About Firefox dialog screenshot

Aaaand there you have it! Firefox in Tagalog!

Switching back to English (and back to Tagalog again)

I acknowledge that such a switch might come off too shocking to some of you. Don’t fret — you can always switch between the two languages by going to the menu and clicking on Options Mga pagpipilian then scrolling down to Language Wika and selecting another language (and restarting again). 🙂

Help enrich our language and culture!

The Philippines is proud of having a lot of Filipinos who are fluent in writing and speaking English. However, let us not forget our heritage, part of which is found in our language. Whether it’s Filipino, Tagalog, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, or the several hundred other Philippine languages, they need to be patronized and used regularly! We can start by re-familiarizing ourselves by using a browser that supports this endeavor. Try Firefox Tagalog today!

(And for you language experts there, interested to be part of Mozilla Philippines‘ Pinoy localizer group? Sali na!)