Consummatum est!

Today is a #FridayThe13th like no other.

It is also a #FirefoxFriday like no other!

For Filipino Firefox fans and localizers alike, today, 13 September, at 4:52 in the afternoon, the milestone of completing the localization of Firefox in Tagalog has been reached!!!

Progress of Firefox localization into Tagalog at 100%
One hundred percent. Firefox Tagalog is now completely translated!

This has been years in the making for Mozilla Philippines, who incidentally will be celebrating its 10th year this coming 21 September! I feel really proud to be part of this movement, and more so now that I had been helping with completing the localization effort, which is something I love doing!

Burndown chart showing Firefox localization progress
A burndown chart showing the progress of localization efforts between July and September 2019

What happens now, you ask? We are now at 100%, but that doesn’t mean we are launching tomorrow. :p The next process will be QA (quality assurance), making sure that translations are consistent across various areas of the browser, and that the word usages are applied consistently. The question then is: WHEN?

A sneak peek of Firefox tl-PH

Firefox Tagalog will be premiering in Firefox 71 — two versions away from the current stable version. By early December, this will be an early Christmas gift by Mozilla Philippines to Filipinos, celebrating our language heritage in the browser that is open and accessible to all.

Maraming salamat sa lahat ng tumulong (Thank you very much to all who helped)! Firefox Tagalog is coming soon on your computers! Stay tuned!!