MozillaPH asks: What is your most unforgettable experience with the Mozilla Philippines Community?

I definitely have one ready answer to this: It was the time that I got involved with the local Filipino Mozillian community with the Firefox 4 Launch Party held in Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in Makati City in April 2011!

Mozilla Firefox 4: The Launch in Manila, 16 April 2011, Makati City, Philippines

I didn’t know anyone from the Community before, and I just happened to see the event via Facebook. I had been an ardent advocate of Firefox since our college days (and it was still called Firebird 0.xx at that time!) but I hadn’t really thought that there was already a brewing community in right here in Manila.

It was good that some friends wanted to join the event so we went there so we can celebrate together.

Gen Kanai having a talk about Firefox 4's new features
Gen Kanai having a talk about Firefox 4’s new features

It was a well-attended event, with notable Mozilla personalities coming in for talks like Sid Stamm and Gen Kanai, who I also had interviewed about Firefox 4 that day. Students and professionals alike were there, with people from Globe Telecom and Yahoo Southeast Asia also giving talks.

Firefox 4 was a big event for Mozilla, where new features like Sync, Tab Groups, and tab pinning premiered. To this day, I am a BIG fan of these features which make my online life really convenient!

And look at that logo! Classic!! The ten years of MozillaPH surely saw it through the evolution of the Firefox logo, to which we are having the latest one soon!!

It’s been a long journey! I am thrilled to see that Mozilla continues to make its presence felt in the Philippines by continuing to advocate open standards and stressing the importance of privacy in our daily lives online.

What about you guys? What got you into using Firefox? Who was that person who introduced you to this “browser alternative” (whether it’s an Internet Explorer- or Chrome-alternative)? Join us and let us celebrate Mozilla Philippines’ 10th Anniversary event in a week’s time in Makati City!

Full house attendance for the Firefox 4 Launch Event. Photo courtesy of Mr. Bob Reyes, MozillaPH

Happy 10th Anniversary, Mozilla Philippines!!!