I finally got my Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card Plus, so now I am able to also try out the Hello Pag-IBIG app by AUB!


Asia United Bank (AUB) created the application in conjunction with the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF), also known as Pag-IBIG. Members who have signed up for Pag-IBIG’s new (and enhanced!) Loyalty Card Plus not only get to have the benefits provided by the card — they are also given a way to manage their finances by making the most use of the cash card nature of the Loyalty Card Plus. (Related post: Loyalty Card Plus and Virtual Pag-IBIG)

Setting Up

Download the Application

The Hello Pag-IBIG app is both available on Android and iOS. Unlike most banks’ online banking applications, this is only accessible by downloading and installing an app on your mobile.

Hello Pag-IBIG app home screen

Register and Create your Account

Registration is similar to the validation method employed by some e-wallet and online banking apps like PayMaya. Thus, to create your account, you need the following:

  1. You should have your Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card Plus (LC+) ready; and,
  2. A good selfie shot for validation purposes.
Steps to register on Hello Pag-IBIG App
Step-by-step guide how to register for Hello Pag-IBIG app (guide courtesy of AUB)

The registration process was quite simple and straightforward, and I soon received a reference number, indicating that approval may happen in one business day. SMS and email notifications indicate a successful approval.

Welcome to Hello Pag-IBIG!

Once inside, you’ll be able to see your available balance right at the top. This is your Pag-IBIG account balance, as the new Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card Plus also acts as a cash card account. You may use it like an e-wallet account, so you can fund it and you can also withdraw funds from it.

Hello Pag-IBIG main screen
The landing screen of the app upon login

How to Fund your Account

Tapping on that orange banner gives tips how to fund your Pag-IBIG LC+ account other than the Pag-IBIG credits (e.g., loan proceeds).

You can fund it in several ways:

  1. Over-the-counter deposit in AUB branches via the AUB Virtual Teller Kiosk (VTK)
  2. Fund transfer from bank and other e-wallet accounts via InstaPay
  3. Fund transfer from other Hello users
  4. Cashing in via bills payment in 7-11’s CliQQ App

Is there a limit to how much you can top-up? Yes there is. Up to a maximum of ₱ 200,000.00 can be loaded onto the account.

Application features

The Hello Pag-IBIG app has a lot of features which are available in most mobile banking applications. This makes it really convenient for those who have the the Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card Plus without having to deal with the stiff requirements of banks to open traditional bank accounts.

View Card

Tapping on this icon from the Dashboard allows you to view the image of the card that you took during registration, as well as its current status.

View Card screen
View Card screen

You may also view the card number and its expiry date. The Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card Plus has a ten (10)-year validity period — at least for those which are co-branded with AUB. (some Pag-IBIG branches issue cards that are co-branded with another bank).

Lastly, you can also change your PIN here on the fly, as well as block the card should the need arise. These used to be features that require you to go to a branch, or call a hotline, so having these in the app itself makes it absolutely convenient!

Scan To Pay

This shortcut allows you to pay merchants for goods and services. An example would be scanning QR codes from convenience stores or shops where the “QR Ph” logo is indicated at the center. Seeing this QR Ph logo ensures that you are able to use QR codes from other e-wallet providers (like say, PayMaya or Gcash) for payment.

(Related: QRPH P2M: What is it and how to use it?)

Transaction History

A list of your transactions are displayed here. Tap on each record to pull up more details about each record. You may also use that funnel icon (“imbudo” in Tagalog) to filter your transactions if you have too many results. 🙂

Fun fact: Did you know that you can also view your transactions via the Virtual Pag-IBIG platform? Whatever transaction history you see in this app will automatically reflect on vPagIbig. If you have access to your Pag-IBIG records there, you might want to check it out too!

Transaction History
Transaction History

Name & Account Number

Hello Pag-IBIG App Main Menu
The Hello Pag-IBIG Main Menu

Swiping right or tapping the top-left icon opens the application menu for additional features.

The name you used to register with Hello Pag-IBIG is shown at the top-left, along with your profile picture. Take note that this is the only place where you can find your account number — it’s not even printed on the Loyalty Card Plus!

Important: This is different from your Pag-IBIG MID (Membership ID number) or relating to your loan numbers. Keep in mind that this account number is what you will need when receiving funds from others via InstaPay.

Pay Bills

Pay bills shortcut icon on the Dashboard

Just like some full-fledged online banking applications, you may also pay for your bills here! Pay for your Meralco, telco, water bills, credit cards and more.

As a convenient shortcut, this feature is also available as a shortcut on the Dashboard.

Transfer Funds (InstaPay)

InstaPay is getting more and more popular these days because more and more banks and financial institutions are now supporting it. Now, you don’t have to worry about not having the same bank as your contacts — transfer funds via InstaPay!

QR code logo for
easier fund transfers

Pro-tip: Worried you might mistype the recipient account number? It might help if you have a QR code from your recipient which you can scan! Standard Philippine QR codes lessen the worry for typing errors. When transferring funds, just tap on the QR code logo to scan a QR code (or locate a saved QR image on your phone).

Pera Padala

Pera Padala is a very nifty feature of Hello Pag-IBIG. Whereas InstaPay allows you to transfer to others with online e-wallet or bank accounts, Pera Padala allows you to transfer money to others who can pick them up in select remittance centers!

AUB’s Hello Pag-IBIG is one of the earliest e-wallets to offer this feature since November 2019. They offer one of the cheapest rates as well (compared to new entrants)! With this, you can remit money in five ways. You don’t even have to physically visit branches to remit!

The recipients just need to proceed to the respective pick-up center you have chosen with their IDs. The list of pick-up centers and their fees are listed below.

Available pick-up centers and courier fees

(updated as of 1 May 2020)

  1. Cash Pick-up at AUB₱ 45
  2. Cebuana Lhuillier 120
  3. Palawan Pawnshop / Express₱ 45
  4. LBC Express Inc.₱ 45
  5. M. Lhuiller₱ 80

Buy Load

You can also buy load — and not just load for your telcos! You can also buy load for prepaid cable services, gaming PINs, video streaming services, among others.

Receive Funds

This allows you to generate a QR code (National QR code-compliant) which you can send to your contacts in case they need to transfer funds to you. Again, with QR codes, there’s less problems with incorrectly-provided account numbers!

Application Settings

And lastly, the LC+ Settings allows you to enable (or disable) fingerprint login, change your password, change your registered email and mobile number. These properties are linked to your Hello Pag-IBIG application profile.

You can via below screenshots some of the features in action. Tap or swipe sideways to see the rest of the images.

Hello Pag-IBIG? Hello Money?

You have probably heard of Hello Money. How is that app related to the Hello Pag-IBIG app?

The two apps are similarly named because they are twin apps developed by AUB! They both have virtually the same features, as discussed above. They even have very similar logos!

The only difference is that Hello Pag-IBIG is a specialized app for Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card Plus cardholders. You cannot open a Hello Pag-IBIG account without that card. Hello Money, on the other hand, is a standalone app which offers an optional ATM card (sold separately). Anyone who can download the Hello Money app can create an account.

In any case, as they are twin apps, you can expect that Hello Pag-IBIG features are also available for people who have signed up for a Hello Money account.

Final Thoughts

This app was made possible thanks to the collaboration between AUB and Pag-IBIG. I think the mere fact that you don’t have to go anymore to Pag-IBIG branch offices just to inquire and receive your loans and instead do them via an app is a big help to all of us who would want to save time by doing things online and digitally. Hopefully we can see more initiatives like these for the rest of the other government institutions to make processes faster and more efficient!

Have you tried this yourself? With Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card Plus, there’s definitely no goodbye in Hello Pag-IBIG! 💓