The Metrostar Express (MRT 3) aimed to ferry commuters along EDSA in an efficient and safe manner. It’s fast as well, going up to the designed speed of 60 kph during its heyday in the 2000s. This “Ligtas na Paglalakbay” (safe travels) magnetic ticket series focuses on the safety of the train line.

Safe travels in mass transit

Safety means getting from origin to destination station without any hitches or problems, while delivering on quality ride and speed. Most commuters using the MRT 3 in the 2010s to the present would most likely disagree. The 2000s however was the glory years for the train line, as there were barely any breakdowns (nor horrible accidents!).

Card Series Design

The “Ligtas na Paglalakbay” series derives its name from the slogan indicated on the cards. It says “Inyong ligtas na paglalakbay, aming patuloy na iaalay…“, roughly translating to “We continue to deliver you a safe journey”. Roughly because the way the slogan was phrased in Filipino didn’t really make sense, other than the fact that it rhymed.

This was not the first time the MRT 3 card designs used a slogan. A similar rhyming slogan was used for the “Biyahe Mo, Sigurado” series preceding this.

Single Journey

Ligtas na Paglalakbay Single Journey Ticket with blue and white rays

Stored Value Tickets

There were two stored value tickets (SVT) sold. Both cost PHP 100.

Ligtas na Paglalakbay Single Journey with Metrostar Express blurred background logo

The second SVT deviated from the Filipino slogan and used an English text. The text showed “We take pride in your fast and safe ride” in front of an MRT 3 light rail vehicle (LRV). Now this one makes a lot more sense without trying to force any rhymes!

Ligtas na Paglalakbay Stored Value Ticket with MRT 3 Metrostar Express train

Reverse Side Details

All cards featured the system map at the reverse side. Partially shown as well are the interchanges with the other two metro train lines, LRT 1 and MRT 2. The color schemes are likewise indicated, and as of the time of release of this series, are still consistent with the Strong Republic Transit System series. Thus, LRT 1 was still the Yellow Line, and the MRT 2, Purple Line.

It’s just unfortunate however that the Philippine National Railways (PNR) was not indicated near the Magallanes interchange, which is still part of Manila’s train system, after all.

Ligtas na Paglalakbay card with Station List
Reverse side design of the cards

In the news: MRT 3 Rehabilitation

A decade has passed, and critical shortcomings and accidents had happened resulting in the decrepit situation of the MRT 3. Thankfully, Sumitomo-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan has returned as the maintenance provider of the train system. Recent years have seen the restoration of the MRT 3 to its former glory, starting with rail replacement activities as well as complete overhaul of its original train fleet to decent operating condition.

The improvement in train speed is a result of the installation of the new long-welded rails (LWRs) in all the MRT-3 stations as part of the massive rehabilitation program of the rail line, which is being implemented by Sumitomo-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries from Japan.

03 November 2020

It is anticipated that by December 2020, the train system will once again be able to run on its original speed of 60 kph, reducing headway between trains and getting commuters across EDSA faster.


The “Ligtas na Paglalakbay” series focuses on the MRT 3 being a safe transport alternative to use across EDSA in the 2000s. Despite the fact that the train system has degraded due to lack of proper maintenance, huge efforts have been made in recent years to restore it to good running condition and ensure that it becomes once again a safe way to travel across Metro Manila.