Credit cardholders these days can easily pay for their bills using the same bank’s online banking facilities. It’s usually the case that a customer maintains both a savings account as well as a credit card account in a particular bank. There are also other ways to pay, like via mall payment centers and bank branches. Now that we are encountering more incentive to do things online, Asia United Bank (AUB) offers yet another way to pay for your AUB Credit Card via InstaPay!

InstaPay up until this point has been widely referred to as a way to easily do fund transfers to banks and e-wallet accounts. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), however, has more intentions to it than just simply being able to send money. Like also being able to pay bills and merchants.

InstaPay and AUB

As mentioned, banks provide several ways to pay, be it via online banking, branch over-the-counter, mall payment centers, etc. AUB in particular gives several ways to pay for AUB credit card bills. They are now giving one more option to pay using another bank’s online banking mechanism via InstaPay.

Instructions on how to pay for AUB credit card using InstaPay

The idea is to use the other bank’s InstaPay send money facility to pay for AUB credit card accounts. Whereas normally you would type a recipient’s bank account number, in this case, you will provide your AUB credit card number instead!

Testing it out via BPI Mobile App

Following the instructions from the guide in the previous section, we opened our BPI mobile banking application to try it out. We selected “Asia United Bank Corporation” in the list of banks, and then provided the account number (i.e., the 16-digit credit card number), the cardholder name, as well as the amount to pay. After providing them and going through the one-time password (OTP) verification process, we are able to perform InstaPay successfully!

The payment reflected on the AUB credit card balance by the following business day. We were also able to see this reflected via AUB’s credit card online banking facility the following day. Nifty!

Different banks, different fees

As always, the participating banks are charging varying fees for using their InstaPay. Right now we are still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, so the tendency is that banks are waiving their InstaPay fees — for now! But later on, they will most likely revert to their pre-COVID fees. So just be aware that when paying via this option, there might be some additional InstaPay fees. This can range from as low as five pesos to as high as fifty pesos, depending on the bank!


It is good to have a lot of options to pay for your credit card, whether it’s over-the-counter or online. AUB is offering yet another option to the mix by enabling credit card payment via InstaPay. Would this be a useful option for you soon?